Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Move of the Day #1

Move of the day #1 is going to be just about the simplest position out there. Since it is #1, I thought it would be appropriate to do 1st position. To create 1st position with your feet, turn them out, and put your heels together. Simple enough? 1st position is a great way to stand in preparation before a dance, warm-up at the bar or on the floor. To create 1st position with your arms, you round them out and make your fingers slightly touch while holding your arms out, postitioning them to where your fingers align with the middle of your stomache. First position was created by a French choreographer, Marius Patipa.

For more information on first position, go to:
or Google search: first positition, history of first position, purpose of first position, etc.

First Position

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